Article 32 – Standing committees
The Executive Committee upon proposal of the President appoints the standing committees for a term of office of four years, starting with their appointment and ending with the elective General Assembly held in the fourth year.
Each chairman represents his committee and chairs the Assemblies. Each chairman fixes the dates of Assemblies of his committee in collaboration with the General Secretary, ensures that all tasks are carried out and reports back to the Executive Committee.

The standing committees of FIFMA are:

1) Audit Committee;

2) Events Committee.

Article 33 – Audit Committee
The Audit Committee consists of its Chairman, a deputy chairman and one member of the Executive Committee, all of whom have experience in financial matters. Its role is to check the accounts according to the recognized accounting principles and to prepare the financial statement for the General Assembly. The Executive Committee may define further tasks to the Audit Committee with regard to the financial matters of FIFMA.

Article 34 – Events Committee
The Events Committee consists of its Chairman, a deputy chairman and one member of the Executive Committee. The Events Committee prepares and organize events for the members of FIFMA, in order to improve the quality of its members.

Article 35 – ad hoc Committee
The Executive Committee may, if necessary, create ad hoc committees for special duties and/or a limited period of time. The Executive Committee appoints the chairman, deputy chairman and ordinary members who will be part of these ad hoc committees. The duties and function of any such ad hoc committees are defined in writing by the Executive Committee, to whom the ad hoc committee reports directly.