Article 1 – Object of the Internal rules

The present Internal rules have for object to specify the functioning of the FIFMA within the framework of its statutes. It must be submitted to the approval of the Executive committee.

Article 2 – Registration procedures during the meetings of the General Assembly

The participants at the General Assembly have to be present with enough time in advance to be able to register personally before their entrance to the room, at the registration desk open 45 minutes before the beginning of the meeting. They have to present their ID card and their FIFA match agent’s card, if they are members of the FIFMA.

They sign the list of the participants corresponding to their category:

1. For the active members of FIFMA : the list of the participants having the voting right;

2. For all other participants : the list of participants without the voting right.

Only the registered members receive the cards to vote: a blue card to confirm their presence, a green card to vote « yes », a red card to vote « no », a yellow card for the abstentions.

The members suspended or who could be suspended, as well as the excluded members does not receive any cards to vote.

Every participant take place in the sector of the meeting room which is reserved for him/her according to his/her category and they could change place if their application to become active member is accepted or not. They receive then from the hands of the General Secretary of the cards to vote.

Article 3 – Chairman of the General Assembly

The President of the FIFMA chairs the meetings of the General assembly, or the Vice-president in case of hindrance. If the Vice-president is also prevented, the General Assembly appoints a member of the Executive Committee or if not, another member present, as Chairman.

The Chairman manages the meeting from its opening until its end, announces every point which is at the agenda, lead the debates and give the word to the participants.

If the Chairman does not authorize a participant to speak, the participant in question makes an appeal to the General Assembly to obtain this authorization to speak. The General Assembly takes a decision immediately on this request, without debate. No other appeal is possible.

To maintain the order during the meetings of the General Assembly, the Chairman can take the following penalties against every participant who disrupts a session :

1. Call to order;

2. A blame/Warning;

3. Exclusion from the General Assembly.

The concerned person may appeal this penalty directly to the General Assembly.

The General assembly pronounces immediately on this request, without debate. No other appeal possible.

At any time, the Chairman can appeal to verify if the quorum of the members having the voting right is reached.

Article 4 – Opening and Roll call

The Chairman opens officially the session of the General Assembly by a short welcome message at the time specified in the invitation letter. He asks then to the General Secretary to proceed to the roll call of the FIFMA members by order alphabetical of their surname.

The members called confirm their presence by raising their blue presence card. The Chairman announces the number of members present. He also specifies if the quorum is or not. If the quorum is reached, he declares the General Assembly open. The decisions are declared then validly taken.

The word is then given to the participants.

If the quorum is not reached, the Chairman suspends the session for the 1 hour to allow the members delayed to arrive so that the quorum could be reached. The meeting cannot be suspended more than twice, which means two hours.

In case the quorum would not be reached, a new General Assembly is postponed on the next day, in the same place and at the same time and for the same agenda, without quorum conditions.

Article 5 – Approval of the agenda and of the progress of the meetings of the General Assembly The Chairman refers to the proposed temporary agenda and confirms the requests and the proposals possibly submitted by the members. The Chairman puts in the vote the points proposed for the agenda, then approves the final agenda and follows points one by one accordingly.

Article 6 – Minutes

The minutes is drafted for every General Assembly.

The minutes summarize the discussions based on the approved agenda and include all the decisions taken during the session as well as the results of the elections. The minutes also contain the list of the participants.

Internal rules approved by the Executive Committee during its session of December 13th, 2014